Kernels (Programming Languages)

The Jupyter team maintains the IPython kernel since the Jupyter notebook server depends on the IPython kernel functionality. Many other languages, in addition to Python, may be used in the notebook.

The community maintains many other language kernels, and new kernels become available often. Please see the list of available kernels for additional languages and kernel installation instructions to begin using these language kernels.


Kernels are programming language specific processes that run independently and interact with the Jupyter Applications and their user interfaces. IPython is the reference Jupyter kernel, providing a powerful environment for interactive computing in Python.


interactive computing in Python. Documentation | Repo


interactive widgets for Python in the Jupyter Notebook. Documentation | Repo


lightweight parallel computing in Python offering seamless notebook integration. Documentation | Repo

See also

Jupyter kernels

A full list of kernels available for other languages. Many of these kernels are developed by third parties and may or may not be stable.