Submitting a BugΒΆ

While using the Notebook, you might experience a bug that manifests itself in unexpected behavior. If so, we encourage you to open issues on GitHub. To make the navigating issues easier for both developers and users, we ask that you take the following steps before submitting an issue.

  1. Search through StackOverflow and existing GitHub issues to ensure that the issue has not already been reported by another user. If so, provide your input on the existing issue if you think it would be valuable.
  2. Prepare a small, self-contained snippet of code that will allow others to reproduce the issue that you are experiencing.
  3. Prepare information about the environment that you are executing the code in, in order to aid in the debugging of the issue. You will need to provide information about the Python version, Jupyter version, operating system, and browser that you are using when submitting bugs. You can also use pip list or conda list and grep in order to identify the versions of the libraries that are relevant to the issue that you are submitting.
  4. Prepare a simple test that outlines the expected behavior of the code or a description of the what the expected behavior should be.
  5. Prepare an explanation of why the current behavior is not desired and what it should be.